Sunday, September 20, 2015

Green & Renewable Bamboo Lamps

Chiang Mai bamboo lamp
BuyingNinja work together with some
responsible bamboo manufactures.
One colleague brought up a subject about how lucky we are living in Chiang Mai, one of the best city in Thailand to live in. It is surrounded by mountains with beautiful Old City setting. Lush trees alongside the main streets give a feeling that you are very close to the nature. Fruits and vegetables are plenty and fresh, brought from neighboring villages. But what if - due to global warming and deforestation -  Chiang Mai loses its tress and become unliveable?

In our line of work, we are also careful not to support an industry which has been proven to be not environmentally friendly. The danger of global warming is real, while the fear is still largely at a lower level. Fortunately, we are seeing the trend of businesses socially aware about environment and slowly moving to green and renewable resources.

We love how bamboo replaces woods. Bamboo is lightweight, easily grow, and durable. We've seen furnitures made of bamboo: lamps, decorative ceiling lamps, chairs, tables, and bedframes. See in this article, is an example of a bedside lamp made entirely from bamboo. Some of the amazing pieces are produced locally in Chiang Mai, for hotels in many part of the world. We refrain from posting many more design of the lamps due to rights issue.

With wholesale starting price of only about US$15 per lamp, there are so much you can give to your buyers and still maintain your price-friendly edge. And, have we mentioned to you that it is environmentally friendly? ...okay we say it again: it is environmentally friendly!

Come and visit us in Chiang Mai and explore the world of handicraft and furniture in the Northern Thailand. We promise, Chiang Mai will still be green and nice.


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